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  Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Institute is made up of Chemical Engineering Department, Material science and Engineering Department, Chemistry Department, Analysing and Testing Center, Organic Synthetics Research Center in all five branches for study and research. The Institute is characteristic of six professions majors including Chemical Engineering and arts, medicine production project, macromolecule and engineering, inorganic non-metalic material, chemistry(teacher's), Applied Chemistry. The institute is bestowed with right for giving MD in Applied Chemistry and Analysing Chemistry, with the former as the key subject in our province.
The institute features strongly in faculty and funds in its organization. The faculty number is 152, consisting of 62 professors and associate-professors. The current student number, both graduate and postgraduate, is 1,380. The experimental center covers an area of over 8,000sm which is equipped with more than 50 large-style apparatuses costing nearly to 10,000,000 yuan. Besides, the center-experimental base for accurate chemistry in Hei Longjiang Province. Our Institute is completely powerful in scientific study and research, for during the recent five years, we have successfully undertaken over 70 items of city projects or province projects, among which 36 have been done and 12 of them have reach international edge. What's more, 24 of them play leading roles in China. In particular 7 have been put into practice, bring in greater and better interests. Our faculty have never stop in our study of theory, as a result, over 400 articles have come out after years of hard work and many of them have been collected to the world-famous index or journals such as SCI, EI. The number of the books or textbooks published comes up to 28. Our institution always pays great attention to the friendly exchange with other universities such as Japanese Xin Xie University, Dalian Scientific and Industrial Studies University in the form of cooperation in scientific study and project cooperation, sending visit-scholars to each other for exchange of learning.

Macromolecule material and Engineering
  It is aimed at cultivation excellent talents to deal with problems in the fields of macromolecule synthesis and production with basic knowing of the theories and knowledge in this section.
  Main courses: organic chemistry, physical chemistry, macromolecule chemistry, macromolecule physics, synthetic develop and change, synthetic moding arts, scientific method for macromolecule study.
  The graduates will be completely capable of solving problems about plastics, rubber, synthetic fiber, resin composite material, functional macromolecule material, macromolecule material working catalyst.

Chemical Engineering and Arts
  It is aimed at cultivation excellent talents capable of resolving problems concerned with project design, technical development, production management and scientific study in chemical industry and its branches as accurate CI, petrol CI, biology CI, Oil refinery, resources, Light Industry, Medicine, Environment Protection.
  The profession here enjoys the right to bestow MD as a key subject in our province.
  There are over 20 required main courses as physical chemistry, chemical formulas, and chemical reaction engineering, accurate CI mainly focuses or accurate organic synthesis theories, accurate chemical products, surface-active catalysts. Chemical Engineering deals with Chemical Thermadynamics, Chemical Transition Process, Chemical Catalystization, Catalyst Formula and Chemical arts. Chemical Analysis is fully about light spectrum, wave spectrum color spectrum and electric analysis.
  The graduates will be fully capable of dealing with production, project design, scientific study, new techniques development, analysis testing in different areas of chemistry, analysis, test, enviroment protection, chemical test, medicine and hygiene and design.

Medicine-production Engineering
t intends to cultivate outstanding talents good at the production of medicine products, scientific development, applied study and management in the field of medicine, insecticide, accurate chemistry and biological chemistry.
  The list of the main courses: organic chemistry, biological chemistry, physical chemistry, chemical theory, medicine-production project, medical synthesis reaction, pharmaceutical chemistry, pathology, venomology, capulogy, natural medicine chemistry, applied analysis of photo spectrum, medicine-production areas, macromolecule material for medicine.
  The graduates will be completely handy at product production, scientific study, Engineering, New technology, new products in the sectors of medicine, insecticide, accurate chemistry and biological chemistry.

Chemistry (Only for teachers)
  It is aimed at fostering teachers for future middle schools or colleges and researchers in chemistry after 4-year round study of basic knowledge, basic theory and skills in modern chemistry.
  Main courses: inorganic chemistry, analysis chemistry (including equipment analyzing chemistry), organic chemistry, physical chemistry(including structure chemistry), Chemical Engineering base, Chemical Teaching theory, Chemistry Education Theory and Method, Social Cultural bases for Science.
  The graduates will be capable of chemical teaching or chemistry-related areas as agricultural and industrial production, analysis and supervision and some other scientific studies.

Inorganic Nonmetal Material Engineering.
  It aims at fostering capable talents major in technique development, arts and equipment design, production and management in the fields of inorganic nonmetal material production, material moding, after they are fully completely equipped with basic knowledge on inorganic nonmetal material and synthetic material engineering. The profession ranks as a province-class key subject.
  Main courses: physical chemistry, inorganic material nature, method for testing and studying, powder-article Engineering, Material Science base, Thermal-heating project and equipment, inorganic nonmetal material arts and others.
  The graduates will be capable of dealing with product production, scientific study, new products development, new technique development, Engineering design or technical management in the sectors of scientific study, production, tesing of inorganic nonmetal material.

Applied Catalyst
  It is aimed at cultivating talents with basic theory and knowledge and powerful equipment skills. Who are capable of scientific study and teaching both in research center and colleges. It enjoys the right of MD bestowment as the key subject in our province.
  Main course: inorganic C, Analysis C, organic C, physical(structural C), chemical theory, chemical mapping. Besides there are another 20 required courses like modern apparatus analysis, Applied electric-chemistry and applied chemistry.
  The graduates will be full capable in the fields of chemical production development and scientific management enviroment sample analysis.

Environment Engineering
  The students here should master basic theory, knowledge and skill about the field and later they will hand freely city environment design, environment management, environment protection control and development, environment engineering design, scientific study of environment.
  Main courses: analyzing chemistry(apparatus C), physical C, organic C, inorganic CH, environment C, environment microbiology, water pollution control.

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